Thursday, 18 January 2007

Mindanao Mobile Medi Cataract Clinic Project


We need you to Brainstorm with others to find ways of funding the purchase of a van suitable to convert into a Mobile Medical Clinic Once we can purchase the mobile clinic we can make a start use and have something to show sponsors who are abroad to make fund raising easier.
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It will compliment the plan below to give free medical services to rural areas where doctors services are unavailable, therefore the poorest filipino families never get to afford medical attention. The main cause of blindness (62%) in the Philippines are Cataracts (2.4 M people) A Survey of Blindness in 2001 determined that 62 percent of all blindness in the Philippines is caused by cataracts, placing this condition as one of the immediate health concerns in the country since it is reversible & treatable. Blindness due to cataract in both eyes afflicts 400,000 Filipinos and this cataract backlog is multiplied by 6 (2.4 million) if less severe degrees of blindness (e.g.: one eye affected) are considered. As there is no unemployment benefits - no work, no pay, the whole family may suffer tremendous hardships.

According to Senators Ramon Magsaysay Jr., Juan Flavier, Pia Cayetano and Luisa "Loi" Estrada, the healthcare system in the country is about to collapse because more than one half of the country’s health practitioners are now working abroad.

The senators filed the resolution asking for an inquiry. They said that, there is now one doctor for every 28, 493 citizens in the country.

Most of the doctors and nurses now abroad were from the rural areas. This sad situation plus the high cost of medicines must be causing untold difficulties among rural residents and poverty stricken communities. Many of them die without medical treatment and medication.

With these facts in mind, I was inspired when a Filipina woman was offered the free services of a visiting German doctor to examine her eyes with a view to treatment. The woman was aged 55 yrs blind from the age of 5 yrs, married with two kids. On being examined one day she was able to have successful cataract (ECCE) treatment the following day and saw her husband and two children for the first time. Unfortunately this story is the tip of the iceburg.


Terrorist and Calamities assistance: Being a mobile clinic it can be strategically placed anywhere on the Island of Mindanao to assist with post-disaster care of people injured in the bomb blasts, mining accidents and landslides in providing medical assistance to the effected patients. Especially in the areas of sight impairment, follow-up of patients with serious burns, hearing impairment and orthopaedic corrective surgery. All of these patients, being initially treated in hospital would be able to receive medical care delivered to them by the mobile clinic. Minor injuries could be treated at the site. The mobile clinic would coordinate with the Local Government Dept of Health.


Inspired when a filipina woman was offered the free service of a visiting German doctor to examine her eyes with a view to treatment organised by a Lions Club. The woman age 55 yrs and blind from the age of 5 yrs is married with two children. On being examined one day, on the following day she had a successful cataract operation when she saw her husband and children for the 1st time. It was then that I decided that a foundation was required using a concept of a mobile clinic to reach all the poorest working filipino in the rural areas on Mindanao Island.


The Mobile Clinic concept is self contained with all the medical equipment required to perform cataract examinations, X-ray, cataract operations, issue of medication with follow-up examinations to the patients. Staffed by professional doctors and nurses capable of training the medical teams with on-the-job training whereby the Foundation can form a working pool of professionals willing to support the Foundations aims, taken from various areas of Mindanao to be used on a rota system. All medications used will be within its sell-by-date, issued by professional practioners. The mobile clinic is to be manned by two professional drivers at all times.


Once a suitable bus has been donated, it will be taken to an auto shop where doctors and nurses will be asked to advise on what they consider to be required for an efficient clinic interior, such as position of large plumbed wash hand basin complete with fawcet suitable for the staff working hygiene, plus layout of medical equipment,changing areas, examination areas, waiting area, toilet. During this time a complete mechanical and safety check-up of the vehicle will be carried out by a professional auto mechanic with worn and broken parts to be replaced. The Foundation will seek the assistance of church groups and the businessmen worldwide to raise funds for the conversion, medical and the medication costs.


The Foundation will encourage Lions Club members to become Foundation directors to inject their organizational and management skills to guide & promote the concept of a mobile clinic volunteers of the membership of the 45 Lions Clubs, plus Rotary Clubs, church groups etc on the Island of Mindanao, to promote the Foundation among the various groups of the business community, churches etc


If in the first 12 months we examine & correct cataract problems of patients at the rate of 20 patients per week, we can expect to treat 1,000 patients in general medicare problems. Professional medical time will be saved with the medical expertise visiting the patients location, complete with self contained medical equipment to examine and treat people in the rural areas of Mindanao Island. Please view

BALI MOBILE CLINIC Please take time to view this Bali site We would endeavor to follow the Bali proven example.

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